【Kitakyūshū Yoru-no-Kei】Sticker

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【Product Information
As merchandise from the very first “Yoru-no-Kei” (Night Scenery) Project, the original logo of the Kitakyūshū Yoru-no-Kei has been turned into a sticker. The design is a tribute to the Senjafuda, a sticker placed into shrines and temples by worshippers since ancient times.

【Material & Size】
▶︎ Fine paper sticker
▶︎ 60×25mm

【Yoru-no-Kei Project】 
Since ancient times, in Japan, the nighttime scenery was called as “Yoru-no-Kei”. Around 1800 the glow of the moon and the light of the lanterns were beautifully painted into Ukyo-e, which eventually was established as a form of expression. For instance, Katsushika Ōi, the daughter of the Ukiyo-e master Katsushika Hokusai, has left behind Ukiyo-e in which beautiful color and outstanding use of light were portrayed into the night scenery.

Nightscene in the Yoshiwara by Katsushika Ōi 
Bankohdoh’s owner and photographer Takashi Kuriyama, alongside graphic designer Tomonori Okazaki, out of respect for Yoru-no-Kei and Katsushika Ōi, are engaged to spread the charm of the “Yoru-no-Kei” trough a more modern point of view via photography and graphic design.
In the city of Kitakyūshū in Fukuoka Prefecture, chosen as one of the “Three New Grand Night View Cities in Japan”, took place the very first chapter of the Yoru-no-Kei Project in 2019, capturing a castle in the dark, the signboard of a tavern or some lanterns, which were later exhibited and sold as photos, graphic designs or souvenirs.




▶︎ 上質紙シール
▶︎ 60×25mmmm



晩香堂のオーナー兼フォトグラファーの栗山喬 グラフィックデザイナー岡崎友則 氏とともに、日本古来の「夜ノ景」と葛飾応為への作品へのリスペクトを起点として、写真とグラフィックデザインを通じた現代日本の「夜ノ景」の魅力発信を行っています。