"Shirasuyamato" Postcard

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【Product Information】
In August 2022, Bankodo's owner and photographer Takashi Kuriyama held his first solo exhibition, Shirasu Yamato. This postcard is a set of 6 photos selected from the exhibited photos. The Shirasu Yamato logo is printed on the back of the postcard.

【Material & Size】 
▶︎ Type of paper: fine paper
▶︎ 148×100mm

【Meaning of "Shirasu Yamato"】
Shirasu” is a word that appears in the old Japanese text Kojiki, whereas “yamato” is a word used since ancient times representing the land of Japan. While there is no accurate meaning that can describe the word “shirasu” in the present time, I understand that its meaning is about the sensorial connection that is obtained through an enormous intention.






▶︎ 紙種類:ファインペーパー
▶︎ 148×100mm

【「しらすやまと」の意味 】
「しらす」とは古事記という日本の古い書物に登場する言葉で、「やまと」は古代から使われている日本の国を表す言葉 です。「しらす」の正確な意味は現代まで残っていませんが、大きな意図に共感して感覚的な繋がりが生まれる、そのような意味だと私は理解しています。(栗山 喬)