"Shirasuyamato" Photobook

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【Product Information】
In August 2022, Bankodo's owner and photographer Takashi Kuriyama held his first solo exhibition, Shirasu Yamato.The exhibition photos and the photos that could not be exhibited at the venue were combined into one photo book. The size and thickness is like a movie pamphlet.
In the production of the book, Takashi Kuriyama himself held meetings with the printing engineer at the factory, repeated color proofreading, and was particular about quality. At the end of the book, the purpose of the photo exhibition, commentary on the titles attached to the photos, information on the shooting locations, etc. are posted.
Each will be signed by Takashi Kuriyama at the end of the book and shipped.

【Material & Size】 
▶︎ Type of paper: fine paper
▶︎ 298×298mm
▶︎ 24P

【Meaning of "Shirasu Yamato"】
Shirasu” is a word that appears in the old Japanese text Kojiki, whereas “yamato” is a word used since ancient times representing the land of Japan. While there is no accurate meaning that can describe the word “shirasu” in the present time, I understand that its meaning is about the sensorial connection that is obtained through an enormous intention.






▶︎ 紙種類:ファインペーパー
▶︎ 298×298mm
▶︎ 24ページ

【「しらすやまと」の意味 】
「しらす」とは古事記という日本の古い書物に登場する言葉で、「やまと」は古代から使われている日本の国を表す言葉 です。「しらす」の正確な意味は現代まで残っていませんが、大きな意図に共感して感覚的な繋がりが生まれる、そのような意味だと私は理解しています。(栗山 喬)