Kuroda Kanbei Natural Bamboo Brush Pen 1546

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【Product Information
It is a bamboo brush pen inspired by Kuroda Kanbei, known as one of the exceptional genius soldiers in Japanese history. The year in which he was born (1546) and the seal of his name used after he converted to Christianism (Simeon Iosui) are imprinted in the box.
Each pen is carefully handcrafted by a professional craftsman. The tip size of the pen is fine, perfect for writing letters and addresses. The ink is made from a water-based pigment that makes the writing long lasting, as once it is dry it won’t smear.
For the barrel it is used a natural cloudy-spotted Bamboo and the box is made from paulownia with a branding. It can be used personally or also as a gift.

【Material & Size
▶︎ Brush pen: bamboo / Box: paulownia
▶︎ Brush pen: approximately 17 cm / Box: 6×20×3.5cm

【How to use
▶︎ After removing the cap, turn the barrel counterclockwise and remove the grip section from the barrel, point the tip of the grip section upwards and insert the cartridge slowly from the bottom.
▶︎ When using it for the first time, after inserting the cartridge, point the pen downwards and wait for the ink to come out.
▶︎ Shaking the brush abruptly can be the cause of ink spilling out.
▶︎ When the ink comes out to the tip, make a trial writing to confirm that sufficient ink is ready.

▶︎ After usage, remember to close the cap.
▶︎ When not using, keep sideways.
▶︎ When carrying, make sure for the tip not to point down.
▶︎ If it is used with the ink from another brand, the ink may solidify.
▶︎ If the tip dries out, separate it from the barrel and the cartridge and soak the whole grip section in lukewarm water overnight. After taking it out absorb carefully the water left in the tip with a soft cloth, insert the cartridge and repeat the trial writing.


黒田官兵衛 天然竹筆ペン1546

日本の歴史のなかでも稀代の天才軍師として知られる黒田官兵衛にあやかった竹筆ペンです。キリシタンであった彼が用いた「SIMEON IOSUI」の印章と、生まれた年の「1546」を箱に刻印しました。

▶︎ 筆ペン:竹、箱:桐
▶︎ 筆ペン:約17cm、箱:6×20×3.5cm

▶︎ キャップをはずしたあと、後軸を左に回して先軸と後軸をはずし、先軸の穂先を上にしてカートリッジを下からゆっくり最後まで差し込みます。
▶︎ 最初にご使用になる場合はカートリッジを差し込み、穂先を下にしてインクが出てくるまでお待ちください。
▶︎ 筆ペンを振ったりするとインクの吹き出しの原因となりますのでご注意ください
▶︎ インクが穂先に出てきたら、試し書きをして充分インクが出たかご確認ください。

▶︎ 使用後はキャップをしてください。
▶︎ 保管する時は横向きにしてください。
▶︎ 持ち運ぶ際には穂先を下向きにしないでください。
▶︎ 他社のインクをご使用になると、インクが固まる場合がございますのでご注意ください。
▶︎ 穂先が乾燥した場合は、後軸とカートリッジをはずして先軸全体をぬるま湯に一晩つけ、穂先の水分を柔らかい布で充分吸い取った後、カートリッジを差し込み、試し書きを繰り返してください。