Japan’s Heritage: Yabakei postcard

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【Product Information】
The Japanese Agency for Cultural Affairs has certified the stories that tell each region’s historical and cultural background as “Japan’s Heritage” and by the year 2020 nearly 100 regional stories have been validated. The landscape and history of Yabakei is one of the many, a scenery that straddles across Nakatsu city and Kusu town, in Ōita Prefecture.
Bankohdoh’s owner and photographer, Takashi Kuriyama was requested to work in a landscape photography government project in Japan’s heritage, Yabakei, in which he succeeded to capture the different scenery throughout the seasons, which required of him to travel every month to the destination for two years.
Out of the photos captured in the project, six most famous locations within Yabakei were made into postcards. All six of them come as one set. On the back of the postcard a summary about the scenery and east and west geographic coordinates can be found. If the coordinates are introduced into a map app, you can easily access the destination.

【Material & Size】 
▶︎ Type of paper: rough gloss paper
▶︎ 154×107mm




日本遺産・耶馬渓 ポストカード


▶︎ 紙種類:ラフグロス紙
▶︎ 154×107mm