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Product Information】 
Bodhidharma was a Chinese monk who lived during the 5th or 6th century and that influenced greatly religion in Japan. The Daruma doll originates from the story in which Bodhidharma spent nine years seated facing a wall, resulting in him losing his limbs, and has become a popular toy since ancient times known to invite good fortune. There is a tradition in which only the pupil of one eye is drawn when you make a wish and once it comes true the other pupil is drawn.
The product is a Daruma-mikuji, which consists of an o-mikuji (written fortune) inside a porcelain Daruma doll. When the red string on the bottom is pulled, one o-mikuji appears out of the five types of luck: dai-kichi (great blessing), chū-kichi (middle blessing), kichi (blessing), shō-kichi (small blessing) and sue-kichi (future blessing). The red Daruma represents family safety, the white one represents good health and such, each colored Daruma represents different wishes according to feng-shui. After reading the o-mikuji, you can enjoy drawing the pupils and use it as decoration.

▶︎ Red: family safety
▶︎ White: good health
▶︎ Yellow: economic fortune
▶︎ Green: academic achievement 
▶︎ Pink: success of love
▶︎ Purple: good luck
▶︎ Gold: victory prayer

【Material & Size
▶︎ Body: porcelain & cord / O-mikuji: paper
▶︎ 3×4cm 

▶︎ Keep in mind that the material is porcelain and delicate, so handle with care.
▶︎ When making a wish, draw first the Daruma’s left pupil (facing it your right) and once the wish is accomplished draw the right pupil (facing it your left).



本製品は、陶製のだるまの中におみくじが入った「だるまみくじ」です。 底面の赤い紐を引いていただくと、大吉、中吉、吉、小吉、末吉の5種類から1枚、おみくじが出てきます。だるまは赤が家内安全、白が無病息災など風水に基づいた色によって願掛けの内容が違っています。おみくじを楽しんだ後はだるまに目入れをして、お好きな場所に飾ってお楽しみください。

▶︎ 赤:家内安全
▶︎ 白:無病息災
▶︎ 黄:金運獲得
▶︎ 緑:学業成就
▶︎ 桃:恋愛成就
▶︎ 紫:開運招福
▶︎ 金:必勝祈願

▶︎ 本体:陶・紐、おみくじ:紙
▶︎ 30×40mm 

▶︎ 素材は陶で割れ物ですので、お取り扱いにはご注意ください。
▶︎ 願掛けをする際は「左目(むかって右の目)」に目を入れ、願い事が成就したら「右目(むかって左の目)」に目を描き入れてください。